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The Reality of Fiction is the first book of this series

Available in paperback and e-book from

The print version of this novel is 384 pages long (~128,000 words)

The Reality Of Fiction

After a long career in aerospace, Logan Fletcher is looking forward to a quiet, relaxing retirement. But when an unusual news story catches his eye, he begins to suspect that terrorists are using plans and tactics stolen from his wife Cathie’s novels and turning them into grim, bloody reality.


Logan contacts an old friend, Chuck Johnson, an aging CIA agent, and the two concoct a bold plan to trap the terrorists by baiting Cathie’s latest novel. But Logan and Chuck are unaware that the jihadists they are hunting are receiving money and intel from a powerful Chinese industrialist and his beautiful, sociopathic daughter, bent on destroying U.S. world dominance.

The cell has an additional edge: the services of a long-missing U.S. Special Forces operator, Jason Stone, who has turned, and is now directing attacks with savage efficiency. Haunted by his shattered loyalties and a critical, unfinished mission from his past, Stone plans his next moves, which are destined to put him on a collision course with Chuck and Logan . . . 

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The Reality of Chaos

In this thrilling sequel to The Reality of Fiction, Cathie Fletcher and her husband, Logan, are looking forward to a return to normal life after surviving an encounter with Middle Eastern terrorists.


However, a handsome eccentric British billionaire may have other plans.


Sir Conrad Smythe-Montgomery has a vision for the future and a passion for the past.  But Chuck Johnson, a senior CIA operative and friend of the Fletchers, suspects Smythe-Montgomery may be even more ambitious and diabolical than his forefathers.  As world events deteriorate, Chuck decides to reach out to Jason Stone, an enigmatic former Special Forces soldier.


Stone and Luana Chu, his brilliant and beautiful lover, enlist the help of an eccentric friend, whose unique algorithms for predicting future geopolitical events soon confirm Chuck’s worst fears.


Now, Chuck, the Fletchers, and their associates must hurry to unravel Smythe-Montgomery’s plans before the world descends into chaos.

Now Available !!
Both E-book and paperback

Currently available in paperback.from

The print version of this novel is 424 pages long (~140,800 words)

The Reality of Illusion
Coming Soon!
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Currently available in paperback.from

The print version of this novel is 394 pages long (~119500 words)

The fledgling Stone Security Services, known as Triple S, is looking for work.

While Jason Stone scans newspapers for possible leads, an unlikely employer asks Triple S to investigate a human trafficking operation run by Carlos ‘the Viper’ Velasquez.  The Viper’s rapid rise to power, aided by a mysterious supporter, is a secondary puzzle that troubles Stone.

A news article describing a deadly disease outbreak in Central America also catches Stone’s eye and points to another opportunity for Triple S.  But as the disease spreads, evidence connecting the Viper and the outbreaks can’t be ignored.  Nor can the shadowy figure pulling the levers of power in the Viper’s organization.

With time running out, Stone and his friends must unravel the mystery and prevent a global pandemic.

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The Christmas Store

The small city of Frogmorton, Wisconsin, is the home of the Christmas Store, a mazelike collection of interconnected buildings housing an Italian bakery, a florist, a grocery … and many other businesses, including a shop with the finest holiday decorations in the Central Time Zone.

The Christmas Store also provides miracles.

Not thunderous, earth-shattering, apocalyptic miracles, but those small, modest miracles that often pass for good luck or coincidence.

Eddie Barnes is a newcomer to town.  After a horrific car accident left his mother near death, and after his heartless father abandoned him, Eddie was compelled to move from Los Angeles to Frogmorton, where he lives with his uncle, and is now the ‘new kid’ at Frogmorton High, beginning his junior year.

But just as Eddie is beginning to feel that Frogmorton is becoming his home, tragedy deals him one more devastating blow.  With his faith in life and his hope for the future all but crushed, can the Christmas Store deliver the greatest miracle of all?

The Christmas Store is the prequel to the Infinity’s End series

Available in paperback and e-book from

The print version of this novella is 132 pages long (~24,500 words)

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Eccenwhil is the first book of the Infinity’s End series

Available in paperback and e-book from

The print version of this novel is 407 pages long (~133,000 words) 


Dreams aren’t always dreams.

Del Anderson and Eddie Barnes, two unlikely friends, have discovered that their ‘dreams’ are excursions to other realities:  a few out of the infinitely many that make up the universe.

As Del’s and Eddie’s awareness of the true nature of their ‘dreams’ grows, they find that not only can they remember their travels, they can control them. 

But just as their ability to travel is beginning to offer fantastic opportunities to visit other versions of their world in other times, a deadly bleeding between realities—a horrible transference of material and temporal events—threatens the existence of all realities and the annihilation of infinity itself.

With disaster looming, Del, Eddie, and their friends begin a desperate battle to repair a shattering universe and avoid their own destruction.

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Though Silvered Glass

The destruction of existence—infinity’s end—grows steadily nearer.

Eddie Barnes and Del Anderson, friends from Frogmorton, Wisconsin, won a small victory when they prevented the devastation threatened by an artifact from another reality.  But they did not halt the bleeding between realities—a contaminating transference of objects and events.

While seeking a solution, Eddie makes an extraordinary discovery: There is a duality to the universe. Realities exist in pairs, one on either side of the mysterious space between.  Traveling in one of these mirror worlds, Eddie enlists the aid of a surprising ally and begins to realize the true nature and extent of the threat.

But despite the renewed efforts of the small group of friends, the bleeding accelerates towards a spectacular climax.  With all other options failing, Del must make the most difficult, terrifying decision of her life, and she must make it alone.

Through Silvered Glass is the second book in the Infinity’s End series

Available in paperback and e-book from

The print version of this novel is 454 pages long (~144,000 words)

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Beyond Reality’s Mirror is the third book of the Infinity’s End series

Available in paperback and e-book from

The print version of this novel is 440 pages long (~140,800 words)

Beyond Reality's Mirror

Reality is healing.

Del Anderson’s sacrifice was successful, and the bleeding between realities has stopped.  But when Eddie Barnes learns the baneful, twisted history of Prof. Karl Mortenson, the madman who caused the bleeding, his fear is rekindled.

A conversation with Del from reality’s Side B and a haunted, dreaming dialogue with Del A both suggest that Mortenson’s scheme to destroy infinity is alive and evolving.

From the ruins of a cabin on a ghostly island, Eddie and his friends recover the diary of Mortenson’s wife, Denise.  Her words take them on a journey into the past and reveal the depth of her husband’s malevolent obsession.

As Eddie learns the terrible secret of Mortenson’s plan, he and his friends face the horror of infinity’s end once again.

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Only One

By an extraordinary act of courage, Del A and Del B lured Prof. Karl Mortenson, the man intent on destroying reality, into the endless corridor of fear.  But to prevent his escape, Del B sealed the corridor from within, leaving her trapped as well.

As Eddie and Del A struggle to free Del B, a brash young woman named Micki enters Eddie’s life, adding an element of danger.  He soon realizes she is trying to use him and his traveling abilities to rewrite her family’s history.

When Denise Mortenson and Del A at last formulate a plan to rescue Del B, it requires the same perilous manipulation of time that Micki believes will make her life perfect.  But with Del B’s hope fading, Denise, Del A, and Eddie are forced to take a potentially catastrophic course of action.


Only One is the fourth and final book of the Infinity’s End series.

Now Available !!
Both E-book and paperback

Currently available in paperback and e-book from

The print version of this novel is 437 pages long (~123,000 words)

Edie's Woven Worlds
Now Available !!
 paperback and e-book

It’s the summer of 1966, and Edie is dreading her vacation to the family farm in Illinois. Chores and smelly animals!

Then she discovers a local carnival and the magic hinted at by her aunt. A multi-faceted magic that includes traveling to amazing worlds through tapestries created by the enigmatic Weavers. New friends add spice to her adventures until tragedy strikes.

Now, Edie, Evan, and Jeff must find the stolen hub tapestry, the focal point of all tapestries, in order to save the Weavers.


Currently available in paperback and e-book from

There are approximately 49,500 words in the e-book (178 pages in the print edition), color images, and an active table of contents for easy chapter selection.

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