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C. R. (Chuck) Markussen and Stephen Lance
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The Reality of Fiction series

Cathie Fletcher, a famous author, and her husband, Logan, find themselves in a web of international intrigue when a group of terrorists begin using plotlines from her novels as templates for their attacks.  By helping Chuck Johnson, an aging CIA agent, and Jason Stone, a former Special Forces soldier with a tortured past, the Fletchers are drawn into the world of geopolitics, cyberattacks, and violence.

The Reality of Fiction and its sequel The Reality of Chaos, follow the actions of Cathie, Logan, and their associates across a global landscape of espionage and terror. 

The Reality series

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The Reality of Fiction

The Reality of Chaos

Books BY C. r. Markussen

The Infinity’s End series


This series follows teenagers Del Anderson, Eddie Barnes, and their friends, first introduced in The Christmas Store, as they realize that their reality is only one of an infinite number that make up an unimaginable multiverse.  As they master the ability to travel to other realities, they discover a terrible secret: a tear in the universe’s fabric is allowing a bleeding of objects and events that, if unstopped, will lead to the destruction of all realities.

The series chronicles their discoveries, adventures, and sacrifices as they struggle to prevent infinity’s end.

The Christmas Store

The infinity's end series

Now available


Through Silvered Glass

Beyond Reality's Mirror


Through Silvered Glass


The action and intrigue starts off quickly in this debut novel by Markussen and Lance, and it doesn't let up until the end. The authors introduce us to interesting characters, exotic (and familiar) locales, and plot twists galore. Loyalties are tested, relationships strained, and the safety of the United States hangs in the balance. A great read! 



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